XNX Transmitter Honeywell Price 2023 PDF

Hello friends, If you are looking for XNX Transmitter Honeywell Price PDF 2023, you are on the right page. The XNX is an extremely flexible transmitter. It can be configured to provide a variety of industry-standard output signals along with transmitter-specific inputs. It is a gas detector. In the XNX transmitter, the Honeywell Analytics range of gas sensor technology inputs are used. The XNX process works in 3 divisions: X, N, and X. The X division include inputs—IR open path, IR point, HT, EC, and MV. It processes the input.

The XNX transmitter has a mechanical installation. It is a universal transmitter compatible with all Honeywell Analytics gas sensor technologies. It allows a single type of interface for gas detection requirements. It enables different gases to be detected most effectively when different types of detectors are employed. Users can easily check all the details and information in this article or download XNX Transmitter Price PDF 2023 given below. the data in the pdf and in this post is collected from Instrumart which is verymuch important for who are working on instruments. It has wide range of benifits and important. The price is gien in the table present in the post give below in the post.


XNX transmitter Honeywell Price 2023 PDF – Highlights

PDF Name XNX transmitter Honeywell Price 2023 PDF
Pages 13
Language English
Source www.instrumart.com
Category General
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XNX Transmitter Honeywell Price 2023 PDF Details

1 Brand Name Honeywell
2 Type Univeresal Transmitter
3 Model Name XNX Universal Transmitter
4 Frequency 50 Hz
5 Voltage 220 V
6 Surface Finish Powder Coated
7 Application/Usage Gas Detection
8 Display Type Analog
9 Body Material Mild Steel

XNX Honeywell Transmitter Features and Benefits

  • Flammable gas detection 0 to 100% LFL/LEL.
  • Minimal training required to use xnx honeywell transmitter.
  • It have Flexible operation options.
  • Self-test and fault notification
  • Operating temperature -40° to +65°C
  • Calibration with Auto Inhibit
  • Select analog output source, sink or isolated
  • Factory-calibrated sensors accepted – plug and play
  • Ingress protection IP 66

XNX Universal Transmitter Quick Specs

  • Material is used : LM25 aluminum, painted (SS316 painted optional).
  • Humidity : 20 to 90% RH (non-condensing).
  • Temperature : -40° to +65°C / -40° to +150°F (sensor dependent).


XNX Honeywell Chlorine Gas Detector Price List PDF

Sr. No. XNX Honeywell Universal Transmitter Price
1 Honeywell BW Solo O2/ NH3/ H2S/ CO/ Single Gas Detector ₹ 18,500
2 Honeywell Gas Detector ₹ 32,000
3 Honeywell Portable Mini Gas Detector ₹ 42,000
4 Honeywell Portable and Fixed Type Gas Detector ₹ 45,000
5 Honeywell Portable and Fixed Type Gas Detector ₹ 45,000
6 BW Gas Alert Max XT II Multi Gas Detector ₹ 55,000
7 Max XT II Multi Gas Detector ₹ 56,800
8 Honeywell Gas Sensor ₹ 65,000
9 Honeywell Multi-Gas Detector ₹ 85,580
10 Honeywell Bw Ultra Multi-Gas Detector ₹ 1.30 Lakh
11 Multi-Gas Detector- Multirae Lite ₹ 1.55 Lakh
12 Honeywell Open Path Gas Detector ₹ 5.80 Lakh


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