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Hello everyone, if you all are looking for the World Top 2 Percent Scientists list 2023 Stanford university pdf, then you’re on the right page. The list represents the top 2% of scientists and includes names of scientists, their departments, such as engineers, mathematicians, and doctors. It also includes subject-wise ranking of scientists of all countries on the basis of various fields such as artificial. Intelligence, Computation, EE, Ecology etc. Stanford University has a great faculty. In which many professors and researchers are working in their respective fields or departments. You can visit the official website to know the list of world’s top scientists by Stanford University. Check out the ranking and database of top scientists on the official portal. In this list of top two percent most cited scientists in the world, 200,409 scientists fall in the top 2 percent worldwide. These include a total of 3796 scientists from all fields from India. Around 50 scientists are from Pune – 16 from NCL, 15 from SPPU, 6 from IUCAA, 5 from IISER Pune and others from Agarkar Research Institute, College of Engineering Pune, Symbiosis International University, KEM Hospital and Pulmocare Research and Education Foundation etc.

That’s why India also has a major role in this date of scientists. This is a very good thing for all the top scientists of India. Here we have provided the Stanford University Scientist Ranking 2023 in this post. The Stanford University Rankings started in 2019. In which experts will classify scientists into 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields. Stanford University has released the data of scientists in two lists that is – career-wise ranking and previous year ranking. Career-wise ranking means data based on last 25 years. You can easily download the list of top two percent scientists of the world with the help of this post.

World Top 2 % scientists List 2023 Stanford University PDF – Highlights

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Stanford University Top 2% Scientists List 2023 PDF –

Sr. No. Scientist Name
1 Yi Cui
2 John PA Ioannidis i
3 Michael Kagan i
4 Irving Weissman
5 Hongjie Dai
6 Zhenan Bao
7 Michael Snyder i
8 Josh Cogan i Robert
9 Tibshirani
10 Karl Deisseroth
11 Barry Trost
12 Christopher Thomas Walsh
13 Robert Malenka
14 Stanley Falkow
15 Mark M. Davis
16 Paul R Ehrlich
17 Sebastian Thrun
18 Robert L Byer i
19 Christopher B Field i
20 Harold Mooney
21 Sanjiv S Gambhir
22 Robert B Jackson
23 Mithat GöNen
24 Gary Glover
25 Shanhui Fan
26 Peter F Michelson i
27 I Gotlib
28 Christopher D Manning
29 Richard N Zare
30 Trevor Hastie
31 Gerald R Crabtree
32 Hector Garcia Molina
33 Albers GW i
34 Martin Fejer i
35 Brian Kobilka
36 Allan Reiss
37 Andrew Ng Leonidas
38 Guibas
39 Lawrence Steinman.
 Top 2% scientist Name India 
1 Professor T.G. Sitharam, Director, IIT Guwahati
2 ProfessorP. K. Giri, Department of Physics and Center for Nanotechnology
3 Professor Tharmalingam Punniyamurthy, Department of Chemistry
4 Professor M. Groll, Visiting
5 Prof. Ujjwal K. Saha, Department of Mechanical Engineering
6  Professor Somanath Majhi, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
7 Professor P. Muthukumar, Department of Mechanical Engineering
8 Professor Debabrata Chakraborty, Department of Mechanical Engineering
9 Professor Vijay S. Moholkar, Department of Chemical Engineering
10 ProfessorMihir Kumar Pulkit, Department of Chemical Engineering
11 Professor Professor Biman B. Mandal, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering
12 Professor Kaustubha Mohanty, Department of Chemical Engineering
13 Professor Amarendra K. Sarma, Department of Physics
14 Professor Jubaraj Bikash Baruah, Department of Chemistry
15 Professor Rakhesh Singh Kshetrimayum, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
16 Professor Rajiv Tiwari, Department of Mechanical Engineering
17 Professor Vaibhav V. Goud, Department of Chemical Engineering
18 Dr Lalit M. Pandey, Associate Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering
19 Dr Sanjib Ganguly, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
20 Dr Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, Associate Professor at the Department of Physics
21 Dr Ajaikumar B. Kunnumakkara, Associate Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering.


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