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Hello friends, If you are looking for Immunization Schedule 2023 PDF then you are on the right page. Your child will be vulnerable to many diseases, viruses, and bacteria from the time of birth till the age of 12 years. At a young age, the child is not able to fight against such infectious diseases. Because before the age of 18, the child’s immunity is very less.

It is a big problem in all parts of the world. This is very common for children in some parts of the world and they are more likely to adapt to the virus. Read the Vaccination Schedule / National Immunization Schedule for the solution of the disease and virus. The solution to this problem is to get vaccinated from time to time as it shows whether your child is immune to certain infectious diseases or not.


Immunization Schedule 2023 PDF – Highlights

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Baby Immunization Schedule 2023 Table –

Sr. No. Birth BCG, Hep B1, OPV
1 6 weeks DTwP /DTaP1, Hib-1, IPV-1, Hep B2, PCV 1,Rota-1
2 10 weeks DTwP /DTaP2, Hib-2, IPV-2, Hep B3, PCV 2, Rota-2
3 14Weeks DTwP /DTaP3, Hib-3, IPV-3, Hep B4, PCV 3, Rota-3*
4 6 Months Influenza-1
5 7 Months Influenza -2
6 6 – 9 Months Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine
7 9 Months MMR 1 (Mumps, measles, Rubella)
8 12 Months Hepatitis A- 1
9 12 – 15 Months PCV Booster
10 15 Months MMR 2, Varicella
11 16 – 18 Months DTwP /DTaP, Hib, IPV
12 18 – 19 Months Hepatitis A- 2**, Varicella 2
13 4 – 6 years DTwP /DTaP, IPV, MMR 3
14 9 – 15years (Girls) HPV (2 doses)
15 10 – 12 Years Tdap/ Td
16 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Year Annual Influenza Vaccine


Childhood Immunization Schedule 2023

A good diet increases immunity. Your child’s immune system in adolescence is comparable to that of a 10-year-old child. If your child has any kind of disease or virus, the consequences can be serious for your child’s health.

Various types of diseases and viruses are still present around you, such as whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, HPV, etc. and these viruses spread easily from each other. Vaccination also protects your child from the pain and effects of the virus. Your child is less likely to get an infection, serious effects, or complications when they get the vaccine.

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