Budget 2023-24 PDF

Here in this article, we have brought for you a Budget 2023-24 PDF. The finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has presented the budget for 2023-24. Here we are providing the all details of Budget 2023-24. this year’s budget is a little different as compared to the budget 2022-23. You can check every single information which is related to the budget 2023-24 here.

The preparation of earning and expenses for the upcoming year is called budget. In the country’s budget, a meticulous plan of money coming from loads of sources and expenses on different items is accessible, and beside with this, it is also resolute that what tax rates the government will be for the next year.

Budget 2023-24 PDF – Details

Nirmala Sitharaman, Union Finance Minister, ended speaking about the first budget of the Amrit Kaal in front of Parliament. In her 1 hour 25 minute speech, Sitharaman accessible that the new tax administration be formed the defaulting tax regime and complete an increase in the tax exception threshold from 5 to 7 lakh rupees.

During the same time, India’s economy improved from 10th to 5th largest in the world, according to Sitharaman’s speech for the duration of the Union Budget.

The India Budget 2023 is being at large as the world’s major advanced economies thrash about with a hold back and may even be headed for a collapse. In light of this, the Economic Survey continue to forecast that India’s GDP will grow by 6–6.8%, maintain its position as the world’s fastest-growing country.

The Survey’s finale that India has fully well again from the stress of the Covid-19 pandemic is hopeful news for prospects for GDP growth. For the first time ever, Indian Railways has acquire a capital outlay of Rs. 2.40 lakh crore. According to Sitharaman, this is the railways’ highest capital expenses.

Indian Union Budget 2023-24

The new tax rates are:

0 to 3 lakhs – nil;

3 to 6 lakhs – 5%;

6 to 9 Lakhs – 10%;

9 to 12 Lakhs – 15%;

12 to 15 Lakhs – 20%; and

Above 15 Lakhs – 30%


The 2022-23 Economic Survey that was tabled in Parliament on January 31 kept India’s GDP’s development at a baseline value of 11% in nominal terms and 6.5% in real terms for 2023-24. The survey underlined the fact that “agencies international carry on to project India has the fastest growing major country” in spite of the three shocks of Covid-19, the Russia-Ukraine war, and synchronised policy rate hikes by central banks transversely the world.

Here you can free download Budget 2023-24 PDF by clicking the link given below.


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